Deepchild - Midwest Booty (Kaato Music)

Deepchild - Midwest Booty (Kaato Music)

Kaato Music is a relative youngster on the label scene, but in a short time the imprint has released an impressively diverse range of hearty dance floor thumpers. Following releases on Om Records, Freerange, Get Physical and Future Classic, Scotish producer and DJ Rick Bull aka Deepchild holds true to form with Kaato’s 14th release, a deep and devilish 3 track EP, a melange between deep house and techhouse; funky, chunky and not too serious - The Midwest Booty EP.

Artist: Deepchild
Release Title: Midwest Booty EP
Label: Kaato Music

1. Cash Money Hoes
2. Midwest Booty
3. Kreuzberg 36

Official release date: August 5, 2009
Available via Beatport here.

Up first is Cash Money Hoes… the darkest of the group. Heavy sub-bass pulls through layer upon layer of claps and vocal stabs. It has a simple, stripped down feel, but there’s still a wealth of wild and crazy atmospheric sounds.

Title track Midwest Booty is more of a subtle, deep house number, driven along by heavier kick and bass action. All sounds are wrapped around another simple but wickedly effective melodic hook, sometimes fading to allow the crazy stabs and claps to take over, and other times running with it alone. A roller with just enough of the mechanic instrumentation to keep it feeling weird and wonderful!

Last up is the speaker shaker Kreuzberg 36! More prevalent vocals here, laced around a huge, hungry kick line. A couple of little breaks allow for the vocals to take over, before the kick returns to shake your internal organs a little more! The keys provide enough of a balance to make it bouncy and not too minimal - an interesting combination that works nicely.


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